Taiwan Tower

Project overview: This sustainable tower competition in Taiwan was done in collaboration with Jerry Kler Architects and combined multiple levels of living space, research laboratories, offices, observation decks, education centers and on site renewable energy harvesters. Vertical arrays of bio-fuel, solar cells and wind turbines line the negative spaces between the towers levels while waste water is recycled at the roof terrace on each level and distributed to secondary uses such as irrigation, flushing, fire protection and HVAC needs. An intelligent monitoring system allows the building to adjust and control the amount of daylight coming into the building by using adjustable louvers inside super windows while  fine tuning heating and cooling loads. The top level of the tower sits nearly 300 meters above the site and is positioned for an environmental quality monitoring station gauging the overall health and stability of the area’s climate. This is one proposal for the future of expanding metropolises and how to provide for multiple aspects of living. The competition was done in collaboration with Jerry Kler Architects.




   Steve Bodner, LEED A.P email: steve@stevebodner.com  phone: 415.683.1453